List of The Top 50 High PR Article Directories

Submitting unique articles to article directories is a proven way to increase your website traffic and page rank. There are good and bad article directories and some that have no follow links. Posting articles to the top directories with above average page rank ensures you will increase your online visibility. Backlinks are a key search engine optimization tool and targeting article directories is a technique used by every successful Internet marketer.

Key to Page Rank | Page Rank 1 = Low | Page Rank 10 = High

List of The Top 50 High PR Article Directories

1. The Free Library | Page Rank 8

2. Annotum (Formerly Knol.Google) | Page Rank 7

3. Associated Content | Page Rank 7

4. HubPages | Page Rank 6

5. Ezine Articles | Page Rank 6

6. Articles Base | Page Rank 6

7. Self Growth | Page Rank 6

8. Gather | Page Rank 6

9. Web Host Industry Review | Page Rank 6

10. Article Dashboard | Page Rank 5

11. Article Snatch | Page Rank 5

12. Buzzle | Page Rank 5

13. Netymon | Page Rank 5

14. iSnare | Page Rank 5

15. Concept Marketing | Page Rank 5

16. Article Circle | Page Rank 5

17. Bukisa | Page Rank 5

18. ArticleBin | Page Rank 5

19. Web News Pro | Page Rank 5

20. InfoBarrel | Page Rank 5

21. Article Trader | Page Rank 5

22. Site Reference | Page Rank 5

23. Article Biz | Page Rank 4

24. Article Insider | Page Rank 4

25. EzineMark | Page Rank 4

26. Idea Marketers | Page Rank 4

27. PubArticles | Page Rank 4

28. Sooper Articles | Page Rank 4

29. Article Blast | Page Rank 4

30. Article Sphere | Page Rank 4

31. Amazines | Page Rank 4

32. WryteStuff | Page Rank 4

33. Article City | Page Rank 4

34. Article Click | Page Rank 4

35. uPublish | Page Rank 4

36. Promotion World | Page Rank 4

37. Articles Factory | Page Rank 4

38. Advisor | Page Rank 4

39. Articles Alley | Page Rank 4

40. Article Monkeys | Page Rank 4

41. goArticles | Page Rank 3

42. Content Desk | Page Rank 3

43. Article Exchange | Page Rank 3

44. A1 Articles | Page Rank 3

45. How to Become | Page Rank 3

46. Articles Prey | Page Rank 3

47. ArticlesAZ | Page Rank 3

48. ABC Article Directory | Page Rank 3

49. Dime-Co | Page Rank 3

50. Niche Content Articles | Page Rank 2

Page rank for every article directory goes up and down depending on the search volume and popularity for the articles in each directory. Page rank can literally change overnight. Obtaining several high quality backlinks for your website from these reputable article directories will improve your overall page rank. Starting out small and submitting to several directories will help you to judge the impact that the backlinks have on your SEO page rank. Article marketing takes a continuous amount of effort and patience to see the results that would be comparable to successful Internet marketers.

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10 Responses to List of The Top 50 High PR Article Directories

  1. Is it possible to add the same article to all the different directories, or are they punishing for duplicate content and you can only add one unique article to one directory? Thanks for the list.

  2. i am again confused please help me if the unique content need these sites then we need 50 articles to be submitted .please help me then how many articles could be written by a content writer in a day then it will be very slow process.

  3. Regarding the question of @misha, you can submit the same article to all directories. Some directories may not accept your article but mist of them will accept and approve them too. Because, if an article is published in your personal site and it is crawled by google, you can submit the same article in article directories by getting a link back to your main article. GOOGLE will not mark it as duplicate contents as long as the article is linking back to your main article. Hope it will help you.

  4. This is a great list! We already use several of these, but will certainly be trying some of the ones we don’t currently utilize. One thing you need to make sure of though is that your articles are being indexed by the search engines. If you aren’t checking you may find that your SEO work isn’t even getting indexed by the search engines.

  5. do all above artocle websites give backing also or not.

  6. Very informative Articles about Article Website List with good content. Article submission is a very important thing in search engine optimization. Through this you can get high quality contextual one way link for your website which helps you to increase your website traffic and improve your website’s search engine ranking.But you need to choose specific unique article publishing directory for getting valuable backlink not spam. – ( Gain massive exposure on your ARTICLES & traffic. NO Login REQUIRED )

  7. Thanks for this great list of article sites. This will come in handy when doing SEO on my website. Generating unique articles for each of these sites should give any website a boost in the SERPS.

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