Market Samurai is a powerful internet marketing tool that can do a lot more than keyword research. It can be used for competition research and niche marketing analysis. This piece of software has been helping many internet marketers make their dream come true and earn money online.Some people describe Market Samurai as a keyword research tool, but this phrase is so limited to describe what Market Samurai can do. Simply put, Market Samurai does everything a standard keyword tool does, like tracking the rankings for keywords and displaying available domain names. But the real value of Market Samurai is its ability to find low competition profitable keywords that you not only rank for but also earn with.
Market Samurai vs. Google External Keyword Tool

If you are reading this review, you are most likely engaged in internet marketing and use keyword research. Then, you have most likely heard about or had experience with the Google External Keyword Tool, the top free keyword research and analysis tool. To reveal how powerful of a marketing tool Market Samurai is, let’s compare it with the Google External Keyword Tool.

Clearly, Market Samurai does everything that the Google External Keyword Tool does and adds a lot more and valuable information to it. Similar to the Google keyword tool, Market Samurai enables you to the determine match type as broad, exact and phrase. Also, you can eliminate negative keywords from your search results to increase relevancy.

The greatest difference between Market Samurai and Google keyword tool is that you can analyze the SEO competition of keywords within Market Samurai. Thanks to this powerful and practical feature, you don’t have to dig around Google trying to find information about incoming links, page rank or any other SEO information. Instead, Market Samurai gives you what you need and tells you whether the competition of a keyword is high or low with a click of a button. Consequently, you save a lot of time and get the information you need without any struggle or hassle.

What Is Market Samurai All About and What Does It Do for You?

Market Samurai gives you the ability to gather valuable information easier and faster than you can ever imagine. It also helps you with your content creation, link building and monetization. The following is just some of the incredible support you can get from Market Samurai.

  • Doing SEO competition analysis in any niche
  • Finding the possibility of ranking on the front-page for any keyword
  • Showing you the best and worst markets
  • Discovering the best keywords to dominate your niche
  • Finding domains that can boost your rankings
  • Monetizing your site and turning your website traffic into cash with affiliate ads
  • Finding content and publishing immediately
  • Building high quality backlinks


As you can clearly see, Market Samurai is not just a keyword tool. It is actually your smart, talented and practical partner determined to earn money online fast and easily. It automates many troublesome tasks and reduces the risk of making wrong decisions. What else can you expect from your partner? Don’t waste your money, time or energy with inefficient tools and strategies, visit to get Market Samurai and achieve success fast and with minimum effort.

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