Our Top 5 Outsourcing Websites

Making money online is a great thing. Producing a steady stream of income from the products or services that you sell is an amazing. One of the secrets that successful Internet marketers use has nothing to do with SEO, click-through ratios or building landing pages. Outsourcing is a great way to get a lot of work done for a small investment. You can be great at time management, but the income that you generate online could be so much more if you have a lot of help. Good help is easy to find and we are giving away our top 5 outsourcing websites to help kick start your Internet or offline business into high gear. You can forget about working long hours when you have a team of experts where you can outsource of all your work.

Our Top 5 Outsourcing Websites 

1. Textbroker

The Google Panda, Penguin and whatever the next update will be called all of have one thing in common; the demand for great content. Textbroker is the largest content broker online and a database of 100,000 U.S. writers makes it easy to find high quality content for a cheap price. There is no need to try and write your own content when you can let an expert in the topic of your choice do it for you. Your website copy, e-books, blog posts, sales letters and email newsletters can be written by Textbroker authors.

2. Fiverr

There are probably a million things that you can have done for you on Fiverr. This outsourcing website will connect you with workers in every country in the world that are willing to take on your job for as little as $5. That’s right. A Finski, Abraham Lincoln or Five spot is all that you need. You might question the low price but don’t worry. You can find some real gems for Internet, graphics, audio/video, backlink building and e-book cover creation.

3. oDesk 

oDesk is an actual placement agency that connects you with talented workers ready to take on any task that you need completed. One difference between oDesk and similar placement agencies is that oDesk allows you to monitor the computer screens of each worker that you hire on a contract basis. You can make sure that someone you hire is not goofing off watching videos on YouTube or doing something instead of the job you need. You can literally put your entire business on autopilot just by hiring workers from oDesk!

4. Onlinejobs.ph

There are talented people from all over the world, but the Philippines is one of the best untapped markets. There are hundreds of thousands of workers that are ready to complete data entry, call center, SEO, video, publishing/editing and computer programming work for a small monthly fee. You can hire a full-time worker for about the same cost as your monthly cable or satellite payment. The excellent U.S. dollar exchange rate to the Philippine Peso can get you plenty of qualified workers on the cheap.

5. LexorSoft

Hiring a professional SEO expert is expensive in the USA but not when you take your business overseas. Lexorsoft specializes in a variety of SEO services for a cheap price. You can get 50 hand-built backlinks for just $12 a month. Directory submissions are only $7.50. Article submission to over 200 article directories is only $30. That’s a really good deal for such an expert service. You would have a hard time finding someone in the U.S. to do this type of work for you on a consistent basis for these prices.

There you have it. You can put your entire Internet marketing business on autopilot and drastically cut down your work time.


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