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Social media is here to stay. As social beings, we like to converse with each other, and we seek recommendations from our peers.  These recommendations have been coined “social signals”, which can include Likes on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter, Votes on Reddit,.. and you get the idea.  Social signals are critical for many reasons, but here are a few:

  1. Google’s algorithm changes are putting more emphasis on social signals and placing less emphasis on some traditional SEO practices, with others  actually leading to penalties for your website
  2. Create “Social Proof”, with more social popularity leading to more traffic, and visitors spending more time on your site (“stickiness”) and previewing more pages, which are valuable SEO factors
  3. They are valuable for creating trust, loyalty, and content sharing, otherwise known as Brand Building.  This improves the likelihood of someone giving you their contact information or even their money or subscribing to an opt-in/e-mail list

If you’ve been trying to avoid social media, or trying to do as little of it as possible, the good people at SYNND may have your solution. This award winning system helps bring together automation and crowdsourcing to help you get your content distributed, and deliver natural, social buzz across different social platforms.  With Google’s crackdowns, you have to be very careful with other systems that promise to deliver social signals, because they generally all leave an unnatural footprint.

SYNND was created to be a high quality, content marketing system, aimed to help marketers create more of a much needed, Authority site on the web, which is what customers value and Google wants to see (quality, well-targeted content that is widely distributed + social popularity).  By giving you an audience of tens of thousands of fellow marketers on every piece of your content, who review, curate, and recommend quality content in a content community area, you can benefit from this social buzz rocket booster.

SYNND offers four packages:

  1. SYNND Lite, a free version that necessitates running the SYNND software on your computer (yes it works with Macs).  It is worth noting that it does not consume system resources
  2. SYNND Pro, starts at $47 a month package that will give you more robust access to SYNND features, will also utilize the SYNND software
  3. SYNND Enterprise, the hands off version that has the SYNND staff set up your campaigns for you (you can control more of the process if desired), for $147 a month, no software required
  4. SYNND Elite, is an API level version of Enterprise (Pro version upon request), offering all you heavyweights who want to white label the system or incorporate into an existing web system of your own to do so

How it works

When a member of SYNND’s content area recommends content, there is an automated process that takes place, through a natural recommendation process.  When your content is Liked, Tweeted, Voted up, etc., the system helps manage each members’ social accounts, and can complete the social action without the person recommending the content having to leave the SYNND dashboard.  Very important, every action occurs through an ISP level IP address…this is a huge difference in why the system works!  This occurs 24/7, 365 days a year.  If you get one of those lower tier accounts, you will need to have your computer on and running the SYNND software for several hours a day in order to get the benefits you signed up for. Fortunately, the software system requirements are minimal and setup is a snap. Once you’re setup, you can promote an unlimited number of sites and URLs, up to credit spending limit on the account.  If you need to syndicate more content, you can upgrade levels or buy enough credits to meet needs in a crunch.  Another bonus is that you can promote content on your site, or even 3rd party sites for video, such as YouTube, press release sites like PRNewswire, Web 2.0 properties like Squidoo, and others.   It is very flexible.

Why its great

SYNND is one of the most attractive platforms around because you gain multiple benefits in one shot, including content distribution, SEO, and social proof, while not risking the use of other more inferior systems that try to cheat their way to social signals that leave a major footprint.  SYNND is not designed to be a spam engine, and the company is very clear that their goal is to help people become better marketers, not cheat the system.  You should know now that junk content does not work on the web, and it will not go anywhere in SYNND either (remember, it is a real content community).
In a year of de-indexed networks and positions in the SERPs bouncing like tennis balls, SYNND offers an SEO solution that is affordable, automated, and leaves no footprint. This is because the SYNND network of users is vast and constantly changing.  How big is SYNND…at print there is an estimated 30,000 users, which equates to more than 3,000,000 real member accounts on social networks, and once they re-launch the article module, this could reach more than 16,000,000!

They also differ from most other platforms because you get access to free education that is learned across their parent company, Social Media Science, which comes via special reports and webinars.  That’s what SYNND offers.

Even if you have no budget at all, the free version is still a no-brainer. And the $47 package is more than worth its cost. Or perhaps you value your time as being worth more than $10 an hour? Then the Enterprise version is best. Head on over to SYNND to learn more and sign up.

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