Time Management Tips for Internet Marketers

The Internet can be a moneymaking gold mine or a huge playground. Being an Internet marketer has its challenges and time management is one of them. You can start your day with the best intentions, but you time can go south quickly if you don’t know how to keep your mind on track. Checking Facebook, Pinterest and your email is addicting. We’ve all been there. These can also be the biggest time wasters if you aren’t careful. The following time management tips for Internet marketers will help you stay organized and put off your time wasting activities online while you work to build you wealth.

Prioritize Your Tasks

While this sounds simple, it is always the unimportant tasks that kill your time and end up costing you progress and eventually money. Just like a mind map is a flowchart your Internet marketing steps, you can use the same technique to prioritize your tasks. Every task is either urgent or its not. Determining which one is which is where most people get lost. You have to realize that not everything that absorbs your time is urgent or even necessary. If sending personal email messages are not urgent, don’t do it while you are working. Staggering your easy work and hard work to create an equal balance. You’ll get burned out quickly if you put the hard tasks first. Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize.

Put a Death Grip on Your Creative Time

Being late will kill your available time and shorten your daily workload. University studies have shown that getting up at 6:30 AM or earlier can help you accomplish more work. This is hard for night owls to grasp, but the numbers never lie. Do they? Successful people get to take advantage of many firsts because they manage their time and start earlier than everyone else. If you have a limited window of time each day, make the most of it and get as much done without sacrificing quality as possible. Give yourself time to be creative and tap into it when you have available time without distractions. If you do that for 5 straight days, you can achieve a lot more than being late 4 out of 5 days and having one day to cram the important things into your schedule.

Shorten Your To-Do List 

Lists are great, but they can also turn on you fast. The longer list that you have, the more time that it will take you to achieve success as you check each time off your list. By prioritizing your tasks, you will be able to determine the things on your list that you can never achieve in the time you have available. Your to-do list can be revised with a to-don’t list that includes everything you have no time to do. You can always come back to ideas tomorrow, 3 months or 6 months later. If you spend your time on things you can do, you won’t waste your time each day on things you will never get done in this century. NowDoThis is a free application to help you get tasks done.

Review Your Work Constantly 

At some point, you need to show some results for your work. If searching Google for 15 hours a week for .EDU backlinks is not producing results you’ll know if you review your work. You can review your work everyday, every week or every month. The frequency is up to you depending on how great you are at prioritizing. When you have a list of accomplishments to review, you will know that your strategy is working. If you review at the end of the week and have little to show for it, the numbers in black and white will expose your wasted time and energy. Setting up a goal/reward system will keep you on track. If you can’t wait to watch viral videos on YouTube, reward yourself if you reach your daily, weekly or monthly goals. Be good to yourself if you are successful.

Get out there and make time using these Internet marketing tips. Prioritize. Shorten your list. Review your accomplishments. Each day will be successful and not a waste. You’ll be surprised at the results whether you have a single website or thousands of affiliate products.


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