What is Retargeting and How To Use it

Have you ever wondered why some websites seem to be everywhere that you are online? Probably 90% of them are not spending the amount of money that you think they are to reach out to you online. Banner ads can be expensive for such a massive campaign, but we have found a much easier way to help you target visitors and increase your traffic flow. You can be just as big as other websites and you don’t have to take a pill to get pleasing results. How can it be done, you ask? It is done with retargeting that’s how.

What is Retargeting and How to Use It 

The concept of retargeting is really cool. Let’s say that someone visits your website and for whatever reason decides to leave. Retargeted ads can appear as a banner advertisements to a specific product, service or area on your website to get lost traffic to return again. It’s like getting a second chance at a first date. You draw your traffic right back in to your website and increase the strength of your brand online.

What you probably don’t know about retargeting is that Google does it, Yahoo does it and eBay does it. You’ve probably been retargeted as a consumer and didn’t even know it.

Now you know!

How to Use Retargeting to Increase Traffic 

There are two excellent companies that have developed affordable retargeting technologies. Since this technology is used by huge corporations, they have the budget to track you down harder than a stalker online. Starting out as an Internet marketer might not leave a lot of room in your budget for retargeting, but it is really not as expensive as you might be thinking.

1. Retargeter

2. Fetch Back

While each company is different, the concept of retargeting is the same. A small line of code is placed into the HTML code of your website. This code does not capture personal information. It sets a timed variable cookie that stays with website visitors after they leave your website. Since 98% of consumers that visit a website do not buy anything, they often go to search engines to try and find what they want.

This is where retargeting really shines.

Because of the tracking code cookie, your ads will follow someone that visited your website and left to find some other source of information or a better product. This not only helps you increase your traffic, but it can show you flaws or issues with how you are presenting products or information on your website.

Increasing Website Traffic Using Retargeting

You can rack up a pretty large AdWords, adCenter or Yahoo Sponsored Search campaign and still have nothing to show for it in terms of traffic to your website. Retargeting is very useful to grab the traffic that you lose and do a 180 to get it to return again. There are not many second chances that you get in life or with Internet marketing.

Finding your niche audience online is hard enough without missing conversions on sales and downloads. You can fight back using retargeting. It’s a super stealth way to increase your traffic and get online domination that you want for a low price.

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