Where to Buy Website Reviews

There are a lot of things to worry about as an Internet marketer. What CMS platform to use, Panda updates, click-through ratios and which high PR backlinks are best. These things are important for building your websites, but web users care little about the things that keep you awake at night. What is it that web users want? They want trust. They want to trust you and your website. They want to know if what you have is worth them forking over money or their personal email address. They want to know you won’t spam them with 3000 emails a month. These are legitimate concerns that you have to do something about to get web users to trust you. A great way to get trust is by buying website reviews. I have a assembled a great list of where to buy website reviews to help you get started.

Let’s be clear here. Illegal testimonials are not what you are getting when you buy website reviews. You are paying a small fee for a real person to give an honest opinion about your website, products and services. This is a technique that has been done in marketing for decades and everyone will pay for legitimate reviews at some time or another. Building trust takes hard work, but buying website reviews can help shorten your workload.

There are literally hundreds of websites and independent reviewers on the Internet. Sorting through them is challenging to say the least. I have compiled a list of some of the best that give you excellent reviews by honest people. Building a buzz about your website online can take you from being a nobody to IM superstar in a short amount of time.

Where to Buy Website Reviews

1. SponsoredReviews.com
2. LoudLaunch.com
3. Smorty.com
4. Blogsvertise.com
5. SocialSpark.com
6. PayPerPost.com
7. BuyBlogReviews.com
8. ReviewMe.com

Additional Reasons to Buy Website Reviews

Buying reviews is more than having someone write a glowing paragraph about your website. It is no secret that Google and the other search engines love reviews. Since many reviews are indexed in search engines, you have an easy way to get more web traffic. Review companies all have different pricing, but the majority allows you to include 2 to 3 backlinks in each review. Some companies let reviewers bid on your project to help you get the top reviewers in each category. This is important if you are going for reviews that must have a certain star level (e.g., 3-star, 4-star) or other numerical reviewer rating system.

This is an excellent way to build backlinks to promote affiliate products or pages on your website or blog. Instead of paying for marketing or SEO services, you can take control and start building a buzz on your own. Web users that trust your website will easily increase your traffic to help you earn more money and get exposure. The great thing about buying website reviews is that they work well for any industry, product or service.

Don’t be afraid to buy website reviews to use as one of your marketing tools. The trust factor that they create is very helpful to your reputation and online brand.


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