Why Mobile is the Next Big Thing for Internet Marketing

In the 1800s, the light bulb was considered a breakthrough for humankind. In the 1940s, commercial air travel changed the transportation industry. In the 1990s, the Internet changed business as we once knew it forever. The 21st century is here and so is mobile. Cell phone companies know a secret that most business owners do not. Over 650 million smartphones have been sold as of 2012 worldwide. Mobile is the light bulb of our generation. Are you still wondering why mobile is the next big thing for Internet marketing? You shouldn’t be. You don’t have to have a smartphone to be smart about tapping into the mobile market.

How Mobile Affects Internet Marketing

Remember dial-up Internet? It helped pave the way for communication but mobile is changing everything about marketing. Information can be accessed in mere seconds instead of waiting for a slow download. There are more people using mobile devices with Wi-Fi and smartphones than using home or office computers. A touch or two on a mobile phone keypad and you can access streaming video, email, buy just about anything or even make dinner reservations. Anyone that is serious about Internet marketing should take a long look at mobile and how it will integrate into future marketing plans.

Quick fact: The mobile app industry will grow into a near 56 billion dollar industry by 2015

How Mobile and Social Media = Big Bucks for You

Over 60 percent of all U.S. adults now use a social media website for communication. Almost 75 percent of this figure uses a social media application on a mobile phone to access a social media website. If you are from the old school, you have to realize where technology is headed and relying on plain old email can make you lose money. Email is great but it now serves only one aspect of Internet marketing. If you can reach just .0005 percent of the social media mobile audience, you would be doing really big business.

It’s just as easy to create a mobile website or mobile blog as creating a landing page. Merely optimizing a website for mobile access is not good enough. People like hassle-free web browsing on mobile phones. Your entire email campaign could consist of sending affiliate links through to your mobile customer base. A single click sent out to your address book could result in substantial affiliate income. Reaching the mobile audience using social media is definitely the wave of the future.

How to Reach a Mobile Audience 

Over 35 million apps are downloaded from the Internet each day. Apps make mobile browsing and many tasks simpler to do. There seems to be an app for everything and the market is still very fresh. Do you have your own app yet? Why not? You can go right here and find out how to make one for free. You can reach a mobile audience with your own customized app that is tailored to your business or Internet marketing exploits. You can monetize your app if you want or just give it away for free and point someone to your affiliate mobile website. The possibilities are almost endless when you take the growing mobile audience seriously and start making money.

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