5 Killer Tools I Use For My Local Marketing Company

I run a local marketing business here in Florida, helping small business owners get more traffic and sales. Yesterday, I was talking with a few of my friends about what local marketing resources we’ve been using most lately. So I thought I’d share my top 5….

www.whitespark.ca/local-citation-finder – This is the best automated tool I’ve found to get a list of local competitor citations. Many people go into their competitors Google maps listing and pull their citations manually, but White Spark gets all your competitor’s citations with the click of a button. They also put them on an organized spreadsheet that you can check off the citations as you go down the list. I give my outsourcers my login and tell them the list I want them to focus on, and they just click each of them off the list as they create the citations for me.

This tool averages over 200 citations for each search term you enter. 200 citations is a pretty hefty amount of citations. We will get into citation building, maps listings, kml files, etc…on a different post. I could go on for days about marketing with Google Maps. Some of my businesses get more traffic from my Google Maps listing than

www.5minutesite.com/local_keywords.php – This is a great tool to find local keywords. It’s free to use…some people find it a little complicated, so we are looking at shooting some training videos on the tool in the near future. But I recommend checking it out now, it doesn’t take long to get the hang of. This works much better than Google External Keyword Tool, but I always like to experiment with all my keyword research tools anyway, including Market Samurai.

www.Animoto.com – I don’t know why, but out of all the things we offer local businesses, these videos are always the star of the show. I think it’s mostly because most business owners have no clue what we are talking about when it comes to SEO and internet marketing. The only thing they understand is something they can see with their own eyes. It’s a free tool, but I recommend getting the commercial version…it’s only a couple hundred bucks, and it hides the Animoto logo so your competitors and clients have no idea how you made the video.

This tool couldn’t be easier. You upload photos (get them from your clients or use stock photos). You pick royalty free music from their database, and viola, Animoto creates a slide show video for your clients that looks insanely awesome for the work you need to do.

www.appsgeyser.com – Free tool to convert client websites into Android apps. People go nuts over having mobile apps for their business. They feel like they are getting ahead of their competition by jumping into the future of marketing.

www.amivisible.org – This is a killer tool large scale SEO companies use to create reports for their clients. The reports are white label, so they use your company logo, and look like you created them yourself. Each report costs $1, but that $1 gives you so much more credibility when going in for the sale.

www.Fiverr.com – I didn’t include this in my 5 tools, because this isn’t necessarily a tool, but more of a great place to find outsourcers to do your work for $5. They will do all of the things listed above

for only $5 each. If you are lazy like I am, I’d rather outsource most of my work to someone else…at least the brainless stuff. Be careful with this website, it’s easy to get lost for hours on here. People do really weird stuff for $5. Tip: Use caution when buying links from Fiverr. There are a lot of crummy link builders on Fiverr peddling links that will do your site more damage than good. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found some great links too, but just be careful.

That’s it for today. I hope this information has been helpful.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding these tools.

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